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Start in Poland

We bring together key support instruments for startups operating in Poland

Start in Poland allows innovators and entrepreneurs to achieve dynamic development and market success. The aim of the programme is to provide real, effective support for the whole broadly-defined innovation ecosystem: from individuals and companies - at all stages of development - to the Venture Capital market.

For new and existing companies from Poland and abroad

PLN 2,8 billion

An instrument supporting the development of innovative projects

About the program

Start in Poland is a comprehensive set of instruments intended for, among others:

  • innovators and owners of young, innovative businesses,
    who need support with developing their projects;
  • investors,
    who are willing to finance risky projects;
  • customer communities,
    which allow start-ups to generate income;
  • mentors and institutions,
    which teach and advise entrepreneurs how to build a business and keep it on the market.

The programme also helps establish long-term cooperation and build a culture based on sharing knowledge, experience and on maintaining relations with SMEs and large companies. It also allows participants to invite foreign talent to Poland.

Start in Poland is based not only on financing projects, providing substantive support and training, but also on promoting positive changes in legislation and supporting the development of the entire innovation ecosystem.

At what stage is your project?

I have a business idea
21 programs
I want to develop my company
47 programs
I am planning to expand abroad
4 programs

I have a business idea

If you have an innovative idea but don’t know how to bring it to life, these programmes are perfect for you! They will provide you, among others, with access to services necessary to verify the commercial usability of your project and the ability to prepare a comprehensive commercial offer for an investor with regard to the implementation of the innovative solution.

I want to develop my company

Thanks to financial support, advice, training and acceleration programmes, you will have an opportunity to increase the range of your activity, which includes developing R&D projects, launching a new production line or finding an investor who will help you take the next steps in business!

I am planning to expand abroad

The available programs allow you to obtain necessary financial resources, substantial support and to exchange experiences with specialists and experts who know the specific characteristics of the country where you want to commence your activity. As a result, you will successfully conquer new markets!

Stimulation of VC Market

An important element of the Start in Poland programme is building a professional Venture Capital market in Poland. This is a mission implemented by PFR Ventures, which - by using funds from the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020 and money from private investors - will invest over PLN 4 billion in national VC funds. These funds will then select the best ideas. Moreover, the funds will be established as part of 5 different programmes adjusted to different company growth phases. This means that financing will be available for seed-stage ideas, as well as for companies seeking means for R&D or expansion abroad.

PFR Starter FIZ
Available funds
PLN 782 million
Capital entries
up to PLN 3 million
VC funds
PFR Biznest FIZ
Available funds
PLN 258 million
Capital entries
up to PLN 4 million
Co-investment funds with Business Angels
PFR Open Innovation FIZ
Available funds
PLN 5,421 million
Capital entries
up to PLN 21 million
Co-investment or VC funds
Available funds
PLN 324 million
Capital entries
PLN 1 - 60 million
VC funds
Available funds
PLN 874 million
Capital entries
up to EUR 15 million
CVC or VC funds

Legislative changes

Start in Poland does not function in isolation from economic reality.
It is closely correlated with legislative activities which:

boost innovation and R&D initiatives in enterprises, and remove identified barriers to innovation (Act on innovation)

increase the availability, efficiency and effectiveness of the intellectual property rights protection system (amendment of the Intellectual Property Rights Act)

improve the general conditions of conducting business activity (Business Constitution)