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Success stories

Pioneering cosmetics in Starting Platforms

Program: Starting Platform: TechnoparkBiznesHub

Shungite and fullerene are mysteriously sounding ingredients which for the Cossi company turned out to be the inspiration for setting up their own firm, and at the same time allowed them to enter the pilot edition of the Starting Platform program. Find out how Cossi developed their concept of creating innovative cosmetics thanks to participation in the initiative. 

First ignition of electro-mobility innovators

Program: PFR School of Pioneers

What could bring an architect and computer programmer together to realise a project which would change the face of the Polish electro-mobility sector? Even the most ambitious plans to create a new technological product are not impossible provided one has the appropriate knowledge, interdisciplinary contacts and a range of tools tested in workshop situations. Paweł and Mateusz have just finished the School of Pioneers PFR, and making use of the program’s energy, they are taking the next steps on the path to their determined target.

A pioneering education

Program: PFR School of Pioneers

The PFR School of Pioneers is a unique educational program combining the specialist knowledge of expert partners with an environment supporting the search for inspiration and work together on ideas in the field of technological entrepreneurship. Find out how Bartosz – one of the participants – got into the project, what path he has followed and what he’s learnt through it.

An innovative means of communication with customers

Program: Cross EU Women Business Angels (WBA) – support for startups

Elements of magic which we know from the Harry Potter films, such as pictures coming to life on the walls of the Hogwarts school of wizardry, or photos moving in newspapers, become reality thanks to a solution of the Polish firm – Runvido. In order to improve their business skills and obtain investors for their project, the company applied to the program Cross EU WBA. Find out what they learnt and what experience was gained by representatives of start-ups from participation in the PARP (Polish Agency for Entrepreneurial Development) initiative.

Acceleration written with a digital pen

Program: Technological Entrepreneurship Foundation – MIT Enterprise Forum Poland Accelerator (MITEF Poland)

Every year, more and more advanced technologies are coming to the market. They are meant to be more intuitive, innovative, faster, and at the same time should have a sophisticated design. Their goal is to improve efficiency and the quality of life. The challenge of creating such a product was taken by IC Solutions. However, it was difficult for the team to find a business partner, because it turned out that reaching a large corporation and launching an implementation was very demanding. To solve this problem, startup applied to one of Scale UP accelerators.

Acceleration as seen through the eyes of fintech

Program: Huge Thing Sp. z o.o. – Huge Thing Accelerator

Technological innovation in the finance area is very popular in Poland. New solutions offered by startups from the fintech sector streamline payments processes, allow to observe expenses and reduce the costs of the money system. On the one hand, banks and large financial institutions are attracted by tech news, but also consumers themselves, appreciating the amenities proposed by young, innovative companies. The creators of BillTech had this last goal in mind. 

Hyperloop in acceleration

Program: Ventures Sp. z o.o – GammaRebels powered by Poczta Polska Accelerator

Every day, thousands of courier companies try to deliver parcels on time and meet the expectations of impatient customers. Road infrastructure, weather conditions or the human factor have a significant impact on the timely delivery. How to improve the transport process, increase efficiency and revolutionize the face of Polish logistics? Hyper Poland has decided to accept the challenge and to solve this problem thanks to the use of experimental technology for fast transport of cargo, and in the future – also for people.

Bee venom and MIT – the history of one acceleration

Program: Technological Entrepreneurship Foundation – MIT Enterprise Forum Poland Accelerator (MITEF Poland)

New technologies based on natural sciences in health and biotechnology sectors are becoming increasingly popular among Polish entrepreneurs. According to Polish Startups Report 2017, 13% of young companies work on products in these industries, struggling with research as well as facing typical business challenges. The history of BBH Biotech's acceleration is a great proof that there is a long way to go from a breakthrough discovery to financial successes and that the ability to change plans can be a strategy leading to the development of a startup.

Conquering the British market in three steps

Program: Location-related advice

It is unquestionable that the sector of products based on solutions using artificial intelligence has been developing at an unbelievably fast pace. There is a reason why implementation of AI systems in 2016-2020 in the US will bring approximately USD 60 billion in savings, according to a report entitled “Artificial Intelligence in Business”. QuarticON is one of Polish companies that create and develop projects using this technology.

Polish start-up on the path to Great Britain

Program: Location-related advice

Plenty of information is published online by internet users daily. We share emotions, photos from holidays, moments spent with friends or even times, when we feel lonely or upset. One of Polish start-ups, DeepDoc, uses this virtually unlimited access to data, to monitor depression states. After testing their solution in Poland, the company started to consider its presence abroad.