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Diving into your target group mind – get to know Lakmoos and Kamila Zahradnickova

This article is a part of cycle inspired by the PFR School of Pioneers recruitment. While gearing up for our top-tier Venture Building Program, we invited some promising startup founders to share their experiences and lessons learned.

Meaningful survey results on any matter always within your arm’s reach – that’s what was Kamila Zahradnickova and her team’s dream when calling Lakmoos into being. A visionary founder shares insights into the journey of creating a company that listens intently to the voice of the customer. With a mission to achieve the elusive perfect product-market fit, this founder’s story is one of resilience, passion, and the power of asking the right questions.

Polish Startups under the Christmas tree? Over 40 gift ideas!

December is not only a time for summaries but also the month when most of us think about gifts for our loved ones. The PFR Ventures team has reviewed the investment portfolios of its funds and selected companies whose products or services would make great Christmas gifts. In the "Startup Gift Guide," you'll find over 40 companies, some of which have decided to share special discount codes. The list is open, so if you represent a B2C startup, feel free to add yourselves!

Who won the VI edition of the PFR School of Pioneers?

The VI edition of the PFR School of Pioneers has concluded with a final gala – out of the 17 teams developing their technological solutions during this batch of our venture building programme, the top 8 presented themselves on stage during a Demo Day. Jidoka – a team creating a platform that enables small and medium-sized businesses to automate processes and implement AI solutions more quickly emerged victorious, winning 50kPLN. The gala also focused on the program's previous successes.

Unicorn herders - Dealrooms' worlds' best VC map includes Polish funds

Dealroom aggregates information on startups and tech investments from around the world. What makes it different from its competitors like Crunchbase or AngelList is a much stronger focus on European ecosystems. Therefore, all reports prepared by this company are particularly interesting for the Polish ecosystem. The ranking of the top 500 VC funds in the world published at the beginning of this month also includes Polish investors.

Innovators want to cooperate with the military - Poland has the highest number of applications to the DIANA accelerator in the EU. A new programme for Poland is also starting

As of today, we have received statistics on recruitment to the DIANA NATO accelerator. NATO and the Ministry of Defence used the Polish Development Fund S.A. as a national recruitment point for the program. Polish startups submitted the largest number of applications to the programme in the European Union. Enrolment has also begun for IDA - a new programme aimed at Polish companies.

Polish solutions for tourists – more than just Online Travel Agencies

The Polish tourism market has been affected by both the pandemic and inflation. However, have these factors influenced the travel tech market as well? Looking at solutions for travelers, it seems not. From tourist portals catering to various groups, to different technological areas, let's explore Polish startups that can enhance your vacation!