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Polish cybersecurity sector – meet startups that improve web security

The ongoing digitisation of work, industry, science or health brings many positives, but also poses threats - including vulnerability to cyber attacks. The consequence of this is increased cybersecurity spending - investments in this sector amounted to USD 25 billion in 2021 - as well as the development of cybersecurity startups. To show Polish digital security solutions, we have created a map of the Polish cybersecurity sector. On this task, we have been cooperating with PFR Ventures and the Infoshare conference.

Recruitment for the 5th edition of the PFR School of Pioneers has started! Why is this years' edition unique?

June is traditionally the month of recruitment for the PFR School of Pioneers – it is no different this year! You can submit your application for the program – individually or as a team - by the 30th of June, but it is worth to read more on the rules, as well as the changes that were introduced for the upcoming 5th edition. Who can become a Pioneer and what opportunities does the program offer? Find out!

"The greater the demand for digital products, the greater the demand for UX" - Magdalena Ostoja - Chyżyńska

As the IT industry grows, more attention is paid not only to the functionality of websites and applications, but also to the needs of people using them. The popularity of the User Experience Designer as a profession of choice is growing. How to become a UX Designer and how to effectively find the needs of people using digital products? These are the question we ask Magdalena Ostoja – Chyżyńska, creator and CEO of UX GIRL and co-organizer of Human Tech Art - a series of meetings with people who implement non-standard ideas using new technologies. 

We're looking up! How does Polish spacetech grow?

Last year's SpaceTech Analytics report indicated that at the end of Q3 2021 the spacetech industry consisted of 12,000 companies and 5,000 investors. The sector was valued at USD 380 billion in 2020. However, space technologies are developing really dynamically, and according to estimates, in the next decade the number of launched satellites will triple, and the market value of the sector will increase to $10 trillion in 2030. How are Polish start-ups faring in space?

Record investment value, international VC involvement and more late funding rounds - Polish VC Transactions in 2021 report

It is no surprise to anyone interested, that 2021 was a record year in terms of investment value on the Polish VC market. But did you expect the companies to raise more capital in the past 12 months than in 2019-2020 total? Learn about the findings of the report on the last year on the VC market, created by PFR Ventures and Inovo Venture Partners. 

Impact '21: a crisis conference

Impact CEE is one of the most important tech events in Poland - although the topics were focusing on different path, they all seemed connected by the fact that they mentioned crisis. In fact, four crises - climate, pandemic, political and economic.