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Polish solutions for tourists – more than just Online Travel Agencies

The Polish tourism market has been affected by both the pandemic and inflation. However, have these factors influenced the travel tech market as well? Looking at solutions for travelers, it seems not. From tourist portals catering to various groups, to different technological areas, let's explore Polish startups that can enhance your vacation!

From chilling in the wilderness to hotels with good Wi-Fi: Polish online booking portals

Slowhop is an accommodation platform where you won't find chain hotels and penthouses in the city center. It is designed for those who want to escape civilization and technology during their vacations. Slowhop features charming cottages, small boutique hotels, agritourism, or luxurious campsites. The platform carefully assesses its properties, seeking those that meet specific criteria such as beautiful interiors, local cuisine, or passionate hosts.

The platform grows solely through its resources and doesn't aim to conquer the world. Instead, it develops in a sustainable manner, in line with the founders' philosophy of slow life. Slowhop doesn't only provide accommodations in Poland – through the portal, you can also discover unique places in countries like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Greece, or even the Canary Islands!

Looking for a workation? You can find it on a Polish portal too

Tripoffice is a portal for digital nomads and those who want to combine work with leisure. This Wroclaw-based startup uses AI algorithms to analyze offers from over 200,000 properties on popular booking portals, identifying the best-suited options for people looking to combine relaxation with work. It showcases properties that offer ergonomic chairs, comfortable desks, and fast, free internet. The portal also provides information about other facilities in the properties, both work-related and leisure-related, and allows reservations on your favorite portal.

Tripoffice's main feature is its focus on photos – not concentrating on the surroundings or landmarks but on the conditions for working in the hotel. If you can't part with work even during your leisure time, it might have an offer for you.

Book not only a hotel, but local attractions as well!

Another solution that will enrich your travels not only in Poland but also in more exotic locations is Tripsomnia. It is a portal dedicated to the offerings of regional tourist organizations. On the site, you'll find not only accommodations or restaurants but also numerous other attractions and organized tours, as well as local transportation – not only car or bus rentals but also ferry or yacht offers. In 2020, Tripsomnia received an award in the PFR Aplikacje Jutra competition in the "society" category.

As the startup creators point out, until now, consumers made 95% of local tour reservations in person – at ticket offices, receptions, or through travel agents.A single place where they could find all the possibilities offered by a particular region was nowhere to be found. Thanks to, tourists won't have to simultaneously use a guide and separate portals for accommodations and the best restaurants.


You don't have to call the reception anymore

SmartHotel is an application that allows for contactless check-in at hotels and communication with staff via Messenger or WhatsApp, without the need to download and install additional applications. How is this possible? The person arriving at the hotel or apartment receives a special link to the phone number or email provided in advance. The link contains the check-in card. This solution, reminiscent of self-check-in before a flight, eliminates the need to contact the reception and fill out paper forms. It also ensures guest communication with staff 24/7.

These are not the only features of the Polish application – it also provides access to digital guides or information about the property and its surroundings, usually available in paper form in hotels. Thanks to SmartHotel, you can have them on your phone.

Have the internet with you wherever you are

One challenge during international trips is often finding a source of internet, especially during an expedition through several countries. XOXO Wifi came up with a solution – a startup that allows you to rent a portable router providing wireless internet anywhere in the world.

XOXO allows you to purchase a data package in one or several countries for even just a few days, guaranteeing unlimited internet access. This is also useful during shorter vacations when buying local prepaid cards is not cost-effective. Upon returning to Poland, you only need to send the device back using the return envelope included with each order.

Magical adventures in hotels and beyond

Magly Game was created due to memories of hotel boredom. Filip Budny, CEO of the startup, traveled a lot with his parents as a child and discovered firsthand how limited the hotel offerings were for children. Magly is a game in which children, using a wand that detects movements, can interact with various objects scattered around the property – these can be screens, but also various other items that can, for example, light up or change position with the Magly wand. The action takes place in real-time and the real world – without the use of mobile devices or VR glasses. The game's storyline is fully personalized – adapted to the property.

Several hotels in Poland currently use Magly solutions, but the company is expanding its operations to additional locations and not just hotel properties.

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