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Polish Startups under the Christmas tree? Over 40 gift ideas!

December is not only a time for summaries but also the month when most of us think about gifts for our loved ones. The PFR Ventures team has reviewed the investment portfolios of its funds and selected companies whose products or services would make great Christmas gifts. In the "Startup Gift Guide," you'll find over 40 companies, some of which have decided to share special discount codes. The list is open, so if you represent a B2C startup, feel free to add yourselves!

What is the Gift Guide?

The holiday hustle and bustle of preparations are ahead of us, along with the perennial question: what gift to buy for our loved ones? We have the answer, as it happens. The "Startup Gift Guide"! The list features gift inspirations divided into various categories. Looking for a gift for a younger family member? Check out programming courses from Pixblocks. Someone moved into a new place? Browse the offerings of the store. Want to give someone a moment for themselves? Check out vouchers on the Booksy platform. Or perhaps something for a cleanliness, ecology, and good design enthusiast? Take a look at cleangang's products!

B2C Startups in Poland

As Startup Poland reports in its 2022 study, Polish startups most commonly operate in the B2B model. A whopping 39% of them offer services to large companies and corporations, while 25% target small businesses. What does this mean? Two-thirds of Polish startups operate in the B2B model, and only 11% operate in the B2C form! This makes the PFR Ventures "Startup Gift Guide" even more unique, being a curated list of B2C companies operating in our market! In each of them, you can buy a Polish product or service that will fulfill your or your loved ones' gift dreams. It's also worth noting that supporting domestic brands is a beautiful idea, not only during the holidays, but all the elves at the North Pole who read this page already know that 🧝.

Innovations under the Christmas tree

An innovative herb-growing pot for mom, or maybe a tattoo voucher for your sister? This and much, much more await you in the "Startup Gift Guide." What sets the companies included in it apart is that they offer excellent Polish products and services. Among them are:

  • Carein – natural dermocosmetics and dermosupplements developed by a team of scientists,
  • Tylko – designer furniture with personalization options, produced in Poland,
  • Booksy – a platform for booking appointments at beauty salons and hairdressers with the option to purchase vouchers,
  • Milkies – sentimental jewelry capturing various important occasions, using elements provided by customers,
  • Stethome – an intelligent stethoscope that supports parents in dealing with asthma or a child's cold,
  • Stepapp – an app for ordering a cleaning crew...

And much, much more. Explore the entire list available online and get inspired to gift your family with products or services from Polish entrepreneurs. If you feel that your company is missing from the Gift Guide, submit it through the special form found on the Gift Guide's website – the Gift Guide is waiting for you here: "Startup Gift Guide."

Katarzyna Szybowska-Jemielniak

Starsza Specjalistka - Departament Rozwoju Innowacji PFR

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