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Participate in the B2B matchmaking event in Norway and gain up to 8 million PLN

If your company operates in the green technology sector, your participation in the event: Breaking the Barriers in a Circular Economy in September will increase your chances of meeting new business partners and gaining support through the Norway Grants. You can receive up to 8 million PLN for investment expenditures, research, development and advisory services.

Support from the Norway Grants program amount to up to 8 million PLN that can be spent on development works and implementation of innovations reducing the negative impact on the environment. The B2B matchmaking event and the conference – Oslo Innovation Week – on 25 September 2019, is an opportunity to meet Norwegian business partners. Their possible participation in your project will increase your chances of receiving funding in the program organized by Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) and Innovation Norway. 

The B2B matchmaking is dedicated to companies that work on technologies related to: 

  • reduction of resource consumption; 
  • extending the life of products and materials; 
  • reduction of waste emissions; 
  • use of biomass for energy production; 
  • protection of land and water areas against pollution by neutralizing existing concentrations of waste and pollution and limiting their new sources; 
  • creation of biodegradable plastics. 

By participating in the event, you will receive: 

  • inclusion in the online catalogue of participants; 
  • possibility to join business meetings according to individual schedule; 
  • invitation to the networking event on the day before the B2B matchmaking event (24 September, 18.00-23.00); 
  • logistical support for registration and during the initiative; 
  • lunch during the B2B matchmaking event. 

Remember that participation in the B2B matchmaking event and conference is completely free of charge. Travel and accommodation costs need to be covered individually. 

After your registration, information about your company and all other participants taking part in the event will be placed in the catalogue on the website. If you select companies you would like to meet, you will get a chance to hold 20-minute meetings with their representatives.

If you want to participate in the event, please indicate the grant project you are interested in by 22 September and describe the role of the Norwegian partner in the registration form

The detailed agenda of the Oslo Innovation Week is available on the dedicated website of the event. Additional information can be obtained from Sylwia Banaszkiewicz, at:

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