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The first capital investment of EEC Magenta fund

EEC Magenta fund cooperating with PFR Ventures, Tauron, NCBR and EEC Ventures has made the first investment. Reliability Solutions received 13 million zl – a company creates a predictive diagnostics system for modern industries. EEC Magenta is the biggest corporate venture capital (CVC) fund in Poland.

EEC Magenta can be proud of the first investment. The funding – amounting to 13 million zl – were obtained by Reliability Solutions. It will be used for further development and conquering of Western European markets

Reliability Solutions produces AI-based systems that helps to anticipate unwelcome events and analyze problem-solving scenarios in modern energy industry. Last year the company made the first implementation in one of Łagisza power plant’s units. The implemented solution contributed to reduction of costs failures removing and raise income on plant’s power reserves. One of investment’s effects will be closer cooperation between the company and the power plant. 

EEC Magenta works within Tauron Group’s innovation ecosystem and cooperate with such entities as: NCBR, EEC Ventures and PFR Ventures. The fund invests in companies in the growth phase, operating within the following industries: energy, ecosystem services and green technologies. 

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