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Promote your products at the world's largest exhibition event – EXPO 2020 in Dubai

Visit Dubai to present your products at the Polish Pavilion at EXPO 2020. Gain a great opportunity to attract business partners and customers from all over the world.

Until the end of September you can apply for the second edition of the EXPO 2020 Partner Programme, organized by Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH). The organizer invites companies operating in areas of strategic importance for the development of Polish export to the Middle East. 

Companies from industries listed below are particularly invited: 

  • construction and interior finishing,
  • yacht and pleasure boats,
  • pro-health services,
  • Polish food specialties,
  • IT/ICT,
  • fashion,
  • jewelry,
  • cosmetic,
  • furniture,
  • medical equipment
  • biotechnology and pharmaceuticals

By taking part in the programe, you will gain comprehensive, financial, promotional and substantive support which will last since the opening of the Polish Pavilion at the EXPO in October 2020 until its closing on 10 April 2021.

Additionally, the initiative includes:

  • organizing national stands at trade fairs in the UAE;
  • a grant programe for start-ups – EXPO Live;
  • co-financing and promotional support in Polish Tech Bridges and Go to Brand programe.

One of the culminating parts of the Partner Programe will be the Poland-UAE Economic Forum, scheduled for 7 March 2021. This event will be held with the participation of the authorities of both countries. It will include signing bilateral agreements, business panels and B2B business sessions.

The offer of participation in the programe includes four partnership packages – the detailed description can be found on a dedicated website. If you are interested in participating in any of the other elements of the Partner Programe, check the detailed terms and conditions of the initiative via the EXPO 2020 website.

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