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Club of Pioneers PFR

The course does not end after the course – Club of Pioneers PFR

School of Pioneers is monthly, intensive educational program for polish entrepreneurs organized by Polish Development Fund (PFR) and Allegro. By far two editions of the program were conducted, that’s mean alumni network has already 100 people. Last Friday (15th November) the one of the monthly meetings had place. Find out about what Polish visionaries discussed.

Fruitful acquaintances

Club of Pioneers PRF is a space, where graduates of School of Pioneers have the opportunity to meet and network. During intensive 4-weeks project, the unique relation between participants, mentors and trainers have been build. One of the main goals of the club is to maintain those relationships.

Alumni have the chance to participate in monthly thematic meetings. During which they continue training in the field of innovation form top polish startupers. What is more it creates a space to knowledge exchange with friends met during the program.

Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding

On the 15th of November in the headquarters of Allegro had place the meeting of the Club of Pioneers PRF, during which participants broaden their knowledge in the field of Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing. Those are actions involving financing and services research addressed to wild public, often as an open call. The most popular platforms operating in this field are, and Lego Ideas. That topic especially interested Pioneers due to the fact of arising popularity of that method. Many of them run young projects, and the use of the above-mentioned solutions will not only reduce costs or build capital, but also will significantly support the process of brand building. 

The first speaker of the meeting was Sebastian Starzyński from TakeTask, who talked about Crowdfuning and Crowdsourcing, and also mentioned the benefits that can be achieved by investing in these solutions. Than Karol Tak from Allegro made a speech on the use of e-commerce platforms in business. Last but not least Katarzyna Bocheńska from Mudita Pure made a case study about the practical application of Crowdfunding using the Kickstarter platform. She based her history on the experience of the brand with which she works.

Permanent support

Participants of the Pioneer School can be people between 20 and 35 years old who already run a business or have an interesting business idea. They are young entrepreneurs with diverse education and experience.
As part of the Club of Pioneers, they have the opportunity to get tips from experts from various industries, create a community centered around the largest Fund of funds in Central and Eastern Europe, and build the value of the Polish innovation ecosystem.

Find out more about the School of Pioneers and the Club of Pioneers programs on a dedicated website.

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