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An attractive loan for small enterprises – up to PLN 500,000 for the development of your company

If you run a micro- or small enterprise and you need money to buy new machines, devices or technology – benefit from Loan for Development program. You can obtain up to PLN 500,000 in the form of a low-interest loan with a possibility of partial refund.

The application process for Loan for Development starts on 18 June 2019. The participation allows you to receive funds for buying new machines and software which will be integrated with existing IT infrastructure in your company. Thank to the financing, you will expand your offer, improve the quality of your products and modernize your production line.

The program is dedicated to micro- and small enterprises, which operate in Poland for at least two years. The loan amount varies from PLN 75,000 to 500,000. The low rate at the level of 2,5%-6% of annual equivalent rate (fixed) makes it an attractive offer. The exact value of the interest rate depends on the result of the assessment of the company's financial condition and the presented form of repayment security.

If you repay 90% of the amount according to an accepted schedule, you will be entitled to receive a subsidy of 10% of the loan value – up to PLN 40,000 refund from your investment.

Please note that, you have five years to repay the loan and 12 months to implement the project on which you are currently working.

Check the details on a dedicated page. All the necessary forms are available on PARP page.

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